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Snowfire Games Reviews Page + Formula
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Default Snowfire Games Reviews Page + Formula - 08-12-2011, 01:13 AM

Since my reviews are getting so popular I'm going to make this post. I figured if jedi had one it wouldn't hurt me to have one... ;D I won't be posting links to my reviews yet but here's where you will request your game to be reviewed. Please note that I don't review models.

Also, here's my revewing formula:

First I play the game, to enjoy it. Next I play it a second time, thinking about the technical aspects, being picky, and trying to find things that are wrong with the game such as poor environmental detail. After that I give the 4 categories a score out of ten. The categories are:

This involves the GUIs, Tutorials, Cutscenes, and Story
The graphics, environments and their variety, animation quality, sound effects, music, and voice acting (if any)
The gameplay, is it repetative, is it fun, does it's difficulty progress at the right pace, or is it to complex and horrible
Replay Value
How long is this game going to last you. How hard is it, different difficulty modes, acheivements, easter eggs, and different modes

Than they are scored out of ten (as stated) and decimals are included. Scoring ranges include a word that describes them:

0.0-0.9 Won't even get Reviewed
1.0-1.9 Horrible
2.0-2.9 Poor
3.0-3.9 Bad
4.0-4.9 Iffy
5.0-5.9 50-50
6.0-6.9 Decent
7.0-7.9 Good
8.0-8.9 Great
9.0-9.9 Impressive
10 Masterpiece

(Yes most of these words are ripped from IGNs rating system but I try to review games like IGN would except keeping in mind their alice games)

Than all 4 categorys scores are averaged and I round it off to:


Games I've Reviewed:
(In Order)

Halo: The Generator (Halo In Alice) by Jediaction/Chrome Games
Sky Warrior by zero00
Sky Warrior Returnns by zero00
Flight Simulator by Dj Tech42
Resident Penguin by (who else?) x2495iiii
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