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Bounce Ball
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Talking Bounce Ball - 08-07-2010, 03:16 PM

Here we go x2495iiii (ha, it pasted the link too), this world utilises my mouse tracking engine v2, also my compass.

This is a game which is a bit like pong, but 3D, also kind of like curveball.

The objective of the game is to hit the ball with the pad so that it bounces off the walls as many times as possible. For every bounce off of anything you get one point added on to your score, if you miss the ball you lose a life and 3 points - you have 3 lives.

You are also being timed. Time increases as the game advances. Your time score, which is your final score in the end, is your score and the ammount of time its taken you to get that score put together in a formula (timescore = score - [time / 1.5]).
As the time goes up the speed of the ball also goes up.

If you hit the ball with the middle of the pad it will go forward, if you hit with the sides of the pad it will angle the ball.

Basically; make the ball bounce as much as possible, as fast as possible, wasting no time and dont miss it.

Your scores get added to a leaderboard of the top three on your computer and the leaderboard is displayed at game over.

This is still a work in progress and I know there are bugs (a game of this style has to have bugs), that is why it is a work in progress.

updating it already, but this is kind of a major update
  • moved all the walls so that they are at the edge of the screen
  • changed the speeds to fit the new playing size
  • added maximum speed to stop bugs when the speed is too fast
  • added error checking method (no super special coding in it yet)
  • stopped score from getting stuck
  • swapped time-score display and bounce-score display around
  • added time display
  • made it so the last ball in the lives display is a life (effectively I added another life)
  • tried to improve timing accuracy
  • made time freeze when ball is not in play (after a miss)
  • blanked out playing when mouse not calibrated properly
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