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Alice Mods
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Talking Alice Mods - 02-10-2013, 09:11 AM

I've started making mods for Alice. I'm going to post all of them here.

You need to use the Alice launcher for them.

Since the Alice Launcher is only for Windows and mods are for any os, I am planning on making some sort of Mac/Linux installer thing, but for now Windows users only - sorry.

Play Fullscreen
This mod allows you to play Alice worlds fullscreen. You will no longer have to deal with windowed worlds, but instead get to experience maximum use of your screen's real estate.

You can play in fullscreen from the mod's menu:

Or by pressing CTRL+F5 (F5 alone still plays windowed)

You can toggle fullscreen/windowed mode for the play button by right clicking it:

If you hold shift while pressing the play button it will do the opposite of the mode it is currently in.

Screenshots (click to see fullsize):

Download - Play Fullscreen (v1.1)
Mod is jar file zipped up, please extract the jar file.

Allows objects to be merged together.

Originally Posted by arty-fishL View Post
Instead of trawling the web for models, or creating your own ones you decide to just make something up out of the objects and shapes in the Alice gallery.

Then you hit an issue - you cannot merge these objects, you cannot create subparts - they are not part of one object. This has especially bad implications if you want to export the model as one piece to be used again.

So here is my solution: as part of my project I am developing I have designed a simple UI that allows objects to be glued together.
Phew its been a while, I don't know if anybody will remember this, so cast your eyes across the original threads:
Merging objects in Alice
Latest Project Preview
Addons previews

Screenshots (click to see fullsize):

Download - Gloo (v1.0)
Mod is jar file zipped up, please extract the jar file.

Texture Tools
This mod adds a few quick access tools for editing texture images directly in Alice. It also allows you to view and export texture images, so they can be edited in an external image editor (especially useful for changing textures of built in objects).

After choosing a menu option, a popup will show up.
Either drag and drop an object from the Alice object tree into this popup (it will allow you to choose a texture from that object or if there is only one, it will choose that one)
or you can go to an object's properties (including the world), expand "Texture Maps" and drag and drop one of these ino the popup.

Screenshots (click to see fullsize):

Download - Texture Tools (v2.0)
Mod is jar file zipped up, please extract the jar file.

This adds info tooltips for stuff. I know its not a particularly exciting mod, but its really useful. This adds Javadoc-like functionality to Alice. It doesn't add doc exports, but rather info tooltips on mouseover of stuff in Alice, like you get in Eclipse.

  • Descriptions are easy to add and help is available from the mod's menu in Alice.
  • You can add Alicedoc descriptions to methods, functions, objects and variables.
  • You can export objects with their descriptions (see help for variable descriptions).
  • All data is stored in standard Alice comments and variables, so worlds will still work if this mod is not installed.
  • Descriptions are somewhat compatible with methods and functions from worlds not designed for this mod as they are read from the top comments of the method.

Screenshots (click to see fullsize):

Download - Alicedoc (v1.0)
Mod is jar file zipped up, please extract the jar file.

More mods coming soon...


I have mostly moved on from Alice, but may still respond to messages if important [¬º-°]¬

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