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Mr Kidnapper
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Default 06-23-2011, 08:05 PM

<nostalgia="Several Months Ago">
Back when school was still in session, a few other students and I wanted to make an FPS (As did everyone else that experienced alice ever.) We did get "scoping" down—or more accurately, aiming down the sight. We did not have any veritable scopes, so we just used the iron sights. Unfortunately said iron sights did not go exactly where it should in relation to the camera a lot of the time, perhaps due to our Windows Me age computers available in class. I don't know exactly.
It was. It seems that on my uber comp, the iron sights align perfectly every time, or at least what could be said to be perfect considering it was made on those old computers. Shooting and aiming down the sight were only finished for the AK, but there was a working weapon switch. No fancy recoil either.

You probably have something better, but just saying: Bolt's on the wrong side. Putting the bolt and the cartridge release on the left as a right-handed is not a good idea. Seems that sniper has been customized for a left-handed person. Besides the textures being improperly UV'd, chambers aren't usually emptied like that. Usually they turn the bolt 45º to open the chamber (Because else you'd be releasing the cartridge to the magazine), and then pull it back. It's hard to tell though, since the textures are bad.
Unfortunately I won't be able to ID this one, but it looks like a partially modeled AK with a small magazine (20 rounds) and a 4x scope (I don't know why it would have anything higher), meaning you shouldn't even need to pull the bolt.
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