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Increase speed of flashing lights in simple game
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Question Increase speed of flashing lights in simple game - 12-12-2011, 07:14 AM

Hey guys:

I have this game kind of like Simon... where a series of circles flash (1,2,then 3, etc.) and the player has to press them in the same order.

The game is sort of lame - because the circles flash pretty slowly. It's really only fun with the speed adjusted to 2x. Adjusting the duration (now .5 secs) of the flashes (to say .25) doesn't make much difference. There is a variable that increments the user clicks, as well as a counter. That might be what is slowing it down, as I think the default for incrementing a count is 1 second. I'm not sure.

I have numbers assigned to each circle, and after the program has generated the series of numbers to flash (empty list variable "Random_num"), the numbers are added to another empty list variable called program_Play. Maybe the time it is taking to insert the numbers in the second list is causing a pause

I don't know if I have explained this very well. If not... feel free to ask for clarification. My apologies in advance if I have left out some important information.

Thanks in advance,


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Default 12-12-2011, 01:00 PM

one thing that could save some trouble is:

if you go to the worlds properties, click on seldom used properties. Then there is a world speed adjuster. Say when world starts set world speed to '2'.

hope it helps

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