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Lab 1
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Default Lab 1 - 10-02-2011, 05:22 PM

Hello everyone:

I finished Lab 1, and it was a lot of fun. I had difficulties here and there. The first program was pretty straight-forward. I had my little character give a brief explanation about what e=mc*2 calculated before he asked the user to provide the weight they wanted to insert in the formula. I also used 186,000 miles/second rather than using meters. I don’t know if I should have done that, as it does deviate from the actual formula, but I did have my character explain what I was doing. After my character gave the result, I had his head rise 1 meter above his body while spinning (12 rotations moving up, 12 rotations down) over 3 seconds, then say “Them’s a lot of joules!” (bad grammar intentional). I thought about adding some sound effects, but I ran short of time.

I thought about giving the user the option of converting joules into watts, but that plan fell by the wayside.

The second part of the lab was a little more difficult, mostly in trying to get the rabbit to jump realistically. I have gotten better at making figures move in a realistic manner by clicking on either the object itself – or the object tree – then choosing methods – and testing out the various movement. Sometimes, if I have only a short sequence of movements, I can just insert the steps immediately into the program. Other times, with longer sequences, I may write them down and then insert them in the code from my notes.

One thing I tried to add but failed to implement successfully: I wanted the rabbit to ask if the user wanted the rabbit to jump at all. If they answered “yes”, the rabbit was supposed to jump, if not, do nothing. It’s probably pretty simple, but whether I chose “yes” or “no”, the prompt for the user to tell the rabbit how far to jump appeared regardless. So… a little more effort and I could have figured out, but… too short on time (is that just an excuse?).

I would like to post the assignment to see if anyone could see where I went wrong. I left the mal-code in the program, but left it disabled. (may post regarding this later in the "how to" forum, as with all my questions, qualified by the word "noob" in the title).


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