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panoramic rendering in Alice 2 for Google Cardboard-like browsing
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Default panoramic rendering in Alice 2 for Google Cardboard-like browsing - 03-17-2016, 01:38 AM

Hi, Don and everyone.
I would like to use Alice 2 to render scenes appropriate for browsing using Google Cardboard (and its ilk), an HMD (head-mounted display) that typically uses a smartphone for rendering side-by-side stereo pairs modulated by head orientation as sensed by the phone's gyroscope. Eventually i would like to make such scenes both stereographic and animated, but for now i would settle for even a monocular static scene. The problem, as i understand it, is that the Alice 2 "more controls >>" "lens angle" parameter, which, along with adjacent "aspect ratio," also controls the camera's "Seldom Used Properties" verticalViewingAngle and horizontalViewingAngle, can currently only go up to Pi radians (3.14 for horizontal viewing angle when the lens angle is at its maximum). For "ordinary" rendering this suffices, but can that limit be relaxed for panoramic rendering? Please advise. Tx.
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panoramic rendering

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