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Please check this out and maybe offer help!
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Default Please check this out and maybe offer help! - 01-24-2007, 09:19 AM

Ok here is what I've done so far. shapegame2.a2w. I have an object that I can follow around with the camera in 3rd person mode. I have a bunch of shapes that will chase after the object. What I want to do is prevent the shapes from going into or under the ground level. I also want to mix things up a bit by having the shapes watch their proximity to each other and if they are within let's say 1m of another shape that both shapes will shoot apart maybe 30-50 game meters very quickly and then return to the original conditions of the loop. This way I hope to keep the shapes spread out a bit. Eventually the goal will be to collect 1 of the shape types while avoiding hits by the other shape types. I know Alice is not the way to go for games but this is just supposed to be a game like simulation so I have something to show off some hardware I'm researching.

Also, for you Wii owners. There is a program out there that let's connect your Wii remote and nunchuck to your MAC. Then you can use your Wii remote as a mouse. I hoping to use the Alice mouse controls with my Wii remote. Kinda cool huh. You can check it out here:


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Interesting Start
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Smile Interesting Start - 01-26-2007, 03:34 PM

Looks like the start of an interesting and somewhat different game - should fit well with the Wii controller. Wonder if you've found a similar program for the PC?

Re your specific requests for suggestions. With the basic movement you've set up, the only way I see to keep the objects from going underground is to move the half cylinder far enough above ground so that even if an object is directly above it and just over 0.5 meters away, it will still be above ground at the end of the "move toward" instruction. This is because both the while condition and the toward direction are only evaluated after the executions of those instructions (- hence the object's movement back and forth through the "scoop" when they get close to it and it isn't moving.)

(As a comment, I really don't see that the objects disappearing detracts from the game - in fact I rather like the effect.)

One effect that I wonder if is intentional is that all of your "move toward" instructions are "as seen by the world" instead of as seen by the object (the default). In particular, since the tetrahedrons do not start out oriented toward the world, they move in a rather different pattern than the spheres and cubes. You said you wanted to "mix things up a bit" and this approach certainly does that - but it was a bit confusing when I first looked at the game and may also give you a bit of a problem when you get to scoring a "catch".
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