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Default 11-26-2007, 03:31 PM

Originally Posted by lanceA View Post
Currently the code for ALICE 3.0 is being written by a multi-million dollar software conglomerate in California. They will release it when it is ready.
Lance and Dick,

We write our software. No company holds any authority over the Alice team and the development of Alice. Alice 3.0 as with all versions of Alice, are written in-house by our own programmers, or in this case, programmer, Dennis.
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Default 11-27-2007, 09:56 PM

I only meant to indicate that some skepticism regarding the 2008 release date, especially for classroom use in a beginning CS course, might be appropriate for anyone involved in course planning.

I'm sure the CMU team will produce a reasonably strong next version of Alice - but there are limits on what one programmer can do. (For the last large program I worked on - which ran on PC's and Sun/Unix boxes but not Mac's - we had one programmer working full time just doing validation testing on a suite of 19 different hardware/OS combinations.)
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Default 11-28-2007, 01:33 PM

Originally Posted by DrJim View Post
In case you haven't read this thread, take a look: .

There is also some good recent data on Storytelling Alice which shows that students spend more time on programming concepts and less on correcting syntax (and typing) errors.
I've seen the published data and met Randy (and Wanda & Steve - Hi all!), and I'm a believer. However, neither the data or praise for the system and effort have an effect on skeptics. In the language wars, this one seems more religious than others.

My colleagues look at a student's interactive game and either belittle it as not "real" or note that "good" students will succeed regardless. So, I have placed some small effort into writing examples that are considered real by just about anyone. -- Ahem. All of which were written as classroom examples and, hence not worthy of Beta designation. (I'm looking forward to V3 - go Dennis!)

BTW, I added a pacman clone to the list over the holiday weekend -- oodles of testing, of course.

I'm still hoping to hear of other's efforts toward scientific visualization, etc. Stories and games may be what the language does well, but won't impress the dinosaurs that think it isn't programming without semicolons and a numeric answer.

It occured to me after posting this that I should note I qualify as late Jurassic myself, assuming that's over 50.

Paul Mullins

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