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How do I make Alice communicate with other apps?
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Default How do I make Alice communicate with other apps? - 03-13-2007, 05:56 PM

Is there a way in Alice to communicate to other applications running on the same PC. The main purpose is to let alice respond interactively on things happening in the other app.

I actually would like to realize a 2 way communication mechanism: From another application to alice, but also from alice to the other application.

So suppose I build a plain C# app with a GUI with a button 'spin' on it, can I use this button to make the ice skater spin in the Alice app? If so ... how does this work. And also ... can i let Alice inform the other world about events happening, for example, the ice skater falling into a hole in the ice?

I actually was thinking that it might be possible to do the first thing by letting my C# app generate a button pressed event and sending that to the Alice window. I think this migth work. However, for communication the other way around I do not have a clou. Some help would be greatly appreciated.
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