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Default 10-03-2010, 11:31 PM

Not really, just seemed like no one was interested in it.

Guess I'll get it going again then.

You got the natural causes, but copper is blue in its natural, unprocessed state, not pink. I made some in chem class so that's where I got my info, however weird it may sound.

Old questions scrapped.

No more numbers cause they confuse me.

+What other role is the voice of the character Trip in Ninja Theory's upcoming game, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, famous for? (3)

+In bullfighting, what does the bull notice about the matador that makes it charge? (1) *solved*

+What is the name of the enemies able to shoot green bolts of lightning at you in the game Half-Life? (1) *solved*

+Who is the founder of (1) *solved*

+Explain in layman's terms what function a coefficient of friction has in calculating inertia. (2) *solved*

+Totalitarian, Regally, Monarchy, Excellence-Which is the odd word out and why? (2)

+What is bibimbop? (1) *solved*

Score: Nephtysis - 40
zonedabone - 24
Delpenator - 22
Dameria - 11
Zack Strife - 6
arty-fishL - 6
bjia56 - 5
room14 - 5
zarfang8 - 4
DNK - 4
shaydon - 3

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