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Infiltration (Shooting game)
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Default Infiltration (Shooting game) - 10-30-2007, 02:15 PM

The name of the game is Infiltration, and it is a shooting game that takes place in the year 2304. For some computers, this game refuses to correctly show some of the text, so for those who cant see any text at the beginning, here is what is says.

The Story So Far:
You are a soldier of the US army in the year 2304. Your
mission is to infiltrate an enemy base and take out all that
stand in your way. Then, make your way over and kill one
of the worst soldier bots ever created. This bot is the cause
of over 5000 US casualties, he needs to be dealt with. Get
inside, and take him out. You can do it, we believe in you.

When you press next, this next message comes up:

Your ship has crashed into the building, walk around
using the arrow keys, use the space bar to shoot
use M to melee, and use T to roll left and Y to roll right
when you get outside. Use F to do a quick turn. Also, use
grenades to take out the watch towers . They could see
our ships in the distance and pull the alarm. Go destroy
it as soon as possible. Press G to use grenades.

Hopefully, none of the other text will dissapear or become larger. Also, there is no collision detection at all, meaning that you can walk through any wall. Please, if you walk through a wall, just walk back into the level. This game is hard when you first start out playing it. You MUST use the roll feature. It is one of the most important aspect of the game, which is why I spent so much time perfecting it. Use it to roll out of the way of danger. Also, dont try to Melee the rocket man, you WILL die. Also, grenades wont hurt the boss, only, your gun will. There might be more bugs and stuff that I havent found or forgot to mention, if there are, tell me, I would love the feedback. When you are done playing, tell me what you think. Also, this game is big and complicated, some slower computers will not run it smoothly, some computers might not run it at all. So now, I am proud to release this game for all to play, I hope you enjoy it! This game is 35,575 KB. The game is above, just put in the URL.

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