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hands on team work system
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Default hands on team work system - 01-21-2009, 11:43 PM

i am new to alice (and by new i mean a few days), and i am only a junior in highschool. But i think that, to help beginners and to encourage teamwork in alice, there should be maybe a system as follows
when launching alice there could be some sort of buddy system (through Screen names or buddy codes or any medium really)
in this buddy system you could pair up (or more than just pairs, Group work is always encouraged is it not?) with another alice user, to tackle obstacles, that one or both of the users might be facing.
any issue (from making an object walk, to complex commands) could be sorted out and new ones could be confronted.
in this there could be a simple chat box for communications, an optional leader, voice comm. capabilities, and of course your standard add, block, and brb options.
i just think that this would help newcomers and those skilled in programming alike, by encouraging anothers point of view on a problem or situation, and even cause issues to be solved faster than just on a forum (though the forum could be used to arrange a session with someone who could be of assistance)

also, in the teamwork session both members could edit the world, and the leader (if this is a feature) could decide to limit the team members abilities or grant them whole responsibility
i think this would bring endless possibilities to, imaginative ideas, creative thinking, and even team projects and contest entries.

you can email me at

any comments (negative or positive) are welcome, even if you just want to complain about my grammar
thanks in advance to any constructive criticism
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