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Fraxinus Excelsior
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Default Help! - 02-16-2011, 01:36 AM

> We're a Primary School entering your competition for the second year
> and hoping to do a bit better this year! Our ICT technician has
> downloaded Alice 2.2 onto our network, and there are just a couple of
> things we're struggling with if anyone could help us...(we used
> Storytelling Alice last year).
> 1. How do you change to a new scene (ie: grass to desert)? We want our
> animation stories to be dual setting.
> 2. How do you create a title screen? It was in camera, add title screen
> when we used storytelling Alice last year.
> Any help anyone can give us with this would be really appreciated. We have
> looked all through the help section and googled the problem but to no
> avail thus far...
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Mr Kidnapper
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Default 02-16-2011, 07:00 PM

Damn. Primary school.
A.. Title screen? I have never used Alice 2.0 or earlier so I wouldn't know. I have been studying the doability of a 2d GUI on the Alice screen and it certainly is possible, however I have never put it into action.
What Alice 2.2 has is "billboards." Fairly straight-forward, it's a 2d image attached to a plane, meaning a flat surface. What I would do is import images as billboards, I believe the only way to import an image, and place them in front of the camera. Then I would force the image to follow the camera by using the Vehicle property in the properties tab and changing the vehicle from 'world' to 'camera'.
After that you would give the images an event run method. For example, if I was manning a plane in Alice, there would be an event that checks if the mouse clicked one of the billboards. If I did, it would run a method "eject" that changes camera orientation to a small character that would fall slowly to the ground.. And probably die.

Now to the first question. To change to a new scene, you have to click the 'ground' object and go to its properties tab. Click the '+ Texture Maps' button, and import your new ground texture. Note that the ground textures are... Nowhere. I will do you a favor and upload the default textures that come with Alice.
To get this into a Method, after importing your textures to.. wherever you want, here's how:
"Ground set skin texture to '###.##Texture' More..."
The texture change is instant, no matter what style or duration you choose.
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