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Help with school project!
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Default Help with school project! - 12-11-2012, 07:03 PM

hello all! I am new to the forum but I need some help. I seen someone made a cool maze game and decided I would attemt to make my own. This is for a project for school. We need to make some game with certain requirements. The file attached is my project so far. I cant figure out why it LAGS like crazy. I made a whole bunch of walls for collision detection and thats when I noticed the extreme lag. However the maze game that I got the idea from did not lag at all and had way more code! Also sometimes the screen just goes black. HELP, could someone please tell me what the problem may be. Dont say its because my computer is slow. That is not the issue. This is on different computers btw.
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File Type: a2w PROJECT 2 MAZE GAME.a2w (5.69 MB, 8 views)
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Not going to Work
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Default Not going to Work - 12-13-2012, 11:24 PM

Your collision logic simultaneously checks the distance to left, right, front, and back of every fence.
#1- Zoom in to a fence segment and you will see the center point. That is what is being measured.
#2- If you are behind any specific fence segment, the distance will ALWAYS be less than zero.
#3- Regardless of the tortoise position it will always be behind one or more of the walls (or left,right,front).
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