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Default Lab4-TT - 11-27-2014, 12:13 AM

Lab 4 hurts the brain, but I made it. The only thing I left out was to keep track of the number of rings that are not caught.

At first, I could not figure out how to make each ring fall at the different speeds, but basic Physics prevails (distance = velocity * time). After that, figuring how to make all the rings fall at the same time was extremely tricky. I ended up using lots of "Do together" statements. I wish I could shorten the methods I wrote; I tried to refactor numerous times but the code keeps breaking... Then Alice starts acting up when I changed thing up (maybe a glitch in the system?) but I had to restart Alice many times, which is very frustrating.

5 world methods:
introToGame (prints out instructions for the game);
resetPosition (reset a torus's position to a random location after each round)
makeOneTorusFall (have a torus move up, move to a random location, set visibility to 100, fall down, set visibility to 0)
addThreeFallingToruses (make 3 toruses fall at the same time)
playGame (start out with 1 torus, then when one ring is caught, add 3 more toruses, when 3 rings is caught, add 3 more toruses and so on. A ghost will announce the number of rings caught so far during the game).

1 world function:
calculateCaught (increase the score by one when cone is within 0.2 meter of a ring)

2 world properties:
toruses (list of 10 toruses)
torusSpeeds (list of 10 speeds)

All in all, fun lab!
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