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my story
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Default my story - 03-12-2012, 08:13 PM

here's my story i made called the wild dragon

I woke up on a Saturday night and I walked downstairs. When I got down stairs, I walked to my front door to my wagon. I got to my wagon and I opened the door I saw a big avalanche outside my wagon window. It felt like I was drunk. The wagon began to shake.
Just like that, I woke up from a bad dream. After I woke up from my bad dream, I looked outside the window, and I saw the sun peaking from the north side of my window. I put on my pants and my blue and white sweater. I grabbed my gear on the way out of my bedroom door. When I got to my living room, I looked at a small guideline that said,” Meet me at seven pm tonight.” I did not know what this ment so I just walked out the door with my gear on the left side of my shoulder. When I got to my horse, I put my gear on the side of my horse, and then I headed off to a town called Wild Cat Town.
When I got to Wild Cat Town, it was warm and dry. My mouth began to feel like dried up chicken; So I went to a nearby bar. I parked my horse and walked into the bar. When I got to the bar, I saw two people drinking, a man passed out, and a woman handing out drinks to the other people. I sat down in the bar and asked the lady for a beer. When I got my beer, I heard to people talking about a dragon that lives in the caves three miles away from this town. I got up and walked over to the two guys. I walked up to the two guys and said ,“Where’s the dragon?” with a smile on my face. The two guys were looking at me like I was a dumb person. I said once again, “Where’s the dragon!” in a loud voice. One of the men with the a long beard from the far corner of the bar said, “Down the road from this town”. “Oh man, I love catching dragons,” one of the two men said, .Then I walked out of the bar and headed toward my horse. A man behind me tapped me on the back and said, “Do you want to see the dragon?” in a kind voice. I said, “Na”. I got on my horse and pretend I was not going to go see the dragon and waited till the man would leave, so then I headed on my way to the cave.
When I got to the cave I saw two men equip with guns. I walked up to the two men , and they said, “The dragon has broken loose”.The other man said, “If you want to go inside he might kill you and you might be successful to get out alive.”
Then the ground began to shake with fear, all the rocks began to fall down to the ground. The two man yelled, “GET OUT OF HERE!” My horse was going crazy, and I was slipping off my horse. I was trying to hang on, but the rocks still kept fall and my horse was still going crazy. Then my whole body fell off the horse, and the dust was covering the air around me, I was began to cough and I could not breathe. I was felt like giving up, but I could not. I felt this huge long tail hit the back of my head, and I was knocked out cold.
When I woke up, my head was hurting and my legs were weak. I realized I was hanging up sidedown. I could see the wild dragon hitting something. I was trying to see what he was hitting, but I was to weak to move. I could move my arm, so then I began to move the rocks. After I was moving the rocks, I fell on my back, making a loud noise. All the rocks were falling on my legs again, and I sure was mad. This time I could see the dragon, the dragon was dark gray, and it had a smokey gray color on its tail. I was trying to reduce the anger I had because my legs were hurting really bad. Then I yelled very loud! I heard the dragon move and I saw it moving towards me. The dragon whipped its tail right over me and maked the rock move quickly away from my legs.
There was a big boom, and I at least saw six men with guns come storming in. Oh man, I was glad to be saved, but the dragon blew fire out of its hot mouth and killed four men. I didn’t feel weak any more, so then I quickly got up and ran toward the end of the cave. The dragon was running right behind me. When I got out of the cave I felt the sunlight hitting my head, and it sure was hot. I saw the two other men that survided and they asked me, “Do you want to ride one of my horses?” and I said yes.
I got on the horse and tried to encounter my balance because the horse was moving too fast. I turned my head, and I saw tons of rocks hitting the ground around me. One the rocks hit one of the men in the head, and he fell off his horse. The other man behind me was trying to dodge all the rocks ,and I knew that the dragon was right behind us. I turned my head, and I saw the dragon running really fast. I could see the Wild Cat Town not too far away where I was. The man behind me fell off his horse because the dragon used his fire to make the man fall off his horse. I was alone now, and I could see the town getting closer. The dragon was trying to stomp me off the horse, but I was still holding on.
When I got in to Wild Cat Town, I heard people screaming and ,oh my gosh, the dragon was running through the wooden old buildings. I took a quick left turn, and I saw wood flying everwhere, smashing the wagons and knocking over the telephone poles in front of me. The dragon tripped over the telephone poles, making the wires rip apart and making them whip across the ground. One of the wires made my horse fall over and land on top of my arm. I sure was screaming like a wild man. The dragon landed right on its face. its tail also made the wagons and the old structured buildings rip apart. I could tell the dragon was dead after all when it landed on its face. The whole town was looking at the dragon, and a man yelled to all the people and said, “THE DRAGON IS DEAD!” I closed the book and realized it was all just a story in my journal.


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