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Questions about Alice 2 features which I don't find in Alice 3
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Default Questions about Alice 2 features which I don't find in Alice 3 - 10-13-2022, 02:55 AM

I am a teacher and have been using Alice 2 for over 10 years. I am now considering transition to Alice 3 but I have a few features I cannot find in Alice 3 or in the How-To Guide (
1. Is there any way of duplicating an object in the "Scene Setup" mode? Sometimes the default handle does it but this behavior is not consistent so I suspect it may be due to a bug.
2. In Alice 2 there were "global" functions e.g. random, convert string to uppercase/lowercase etc. Where are they in Alice 3?
3. Is there an equivalent in Alice 3 to the "Pose" from Alice 2?
4. How can I print the current value of a variable to the screen?
5. How Can I add/remove items from an array at run time or alternately is there a way to define lists which can be resized in run time? I saw I can assign a value to a specific place in the array, and it is possible to assign to array[array. Size] which in theory should add the item in the end, but in practice it doesn't work (I am well aware of the difference between an array and a list, and I understand that in Alice 2 we dealt with lists rather than arrays).
6. How can I change the order of items in an array during initialization (I see I can add and delete but I don't see how I can change the order)?
Thank you
Yossi Yaron

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Alice 2 features in Alice 3
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Default Alice 2 features in Alice 3 - 10-15-2022, 09:25 AM

1. To duplicate an object in the Scene Editor, hold down the Control key (Mac) or Alt key (Windows), click and drag the object you wish to duplicate

2. You will find Random by clicking on the numeric value in the expression, and you will see the Random option in the drop down menu. As for the String functions, Alice is built with Java, designed to support the transition to learning Java, and so the functions available in Alice are what is available in the Java string class. This Java-based design is why there are no Global functions.

3. There is no pose function?

4. Again, there is not a print variable function? Iude a Say statement with one of the objects in the Scene

5 and 6. Array work in Alice is based on Java arrays, and therefore array manipulation has to be done as you would with Java arrays. It was always our intent to implement the Java List class in Alice, but it is still on the todo list.

You contact me directly if you have more questions.

Don Slater

Don Slater
Alice Team
Carnegie Mellon University
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