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Default 12-03-2009, 03:41 PM

It is frustrating, but apparently it was difficult to include that one collision detection method in the first place. The reason there aren't built in methods is because there isn't one which would satisfy all needs.

Say you need use special effects in the form of billboards and smoke in your world. If those objects were recognized as obstacles by a detection method, it'd be impossible to walk through a puff of smoke (unrealistic). Conversely, if they weren't recognized, custom walls would be nearly impossible to create, as one of the easiest ways to make a simple, processor friendly wall is to import a billboard with a stone or brick texture. This is why it's easier to have the user decide which objects to collide with and which to pass through.

As for doors, I see 3 options:
-drop the character and go to first-person format
-make a sort of "auto enter" which checks to see if you're close to a door, then lets you enter automatically with a key press
-make a complex set of if/else ifs to see if the character is close to the door or the wall and act accordingly

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