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Default 09-11-2011, 01:20 PM

I made some minor fixes to the game
-The Settings Windows was showing in the game, so it was blocking some of the buttons. I set it to Not Showing
-Updated the Title with "Dj Tech42 Flight Simulator 8.0 Beta"
-Set the throttle meter...thing (it looks this >----< ) emissive color to "No color". I didn't do the same for the rest of the HUD

Other than that, the game's looks amazing. I love the internal saving You'll need to show how me you did that!

Have you ever thought about adding:
-Having different profiles (different settings for different users)
-An arcade style high score board (3 letter initials and the like, similar to this)

Sorry, I haven't been on the forums as much!

Download the changed version here!

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