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Flight Simulator 7.0 Official Version is here!
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Talking Flight Simulator 7.0 Official Version is here! - 08-16-2011, 06:10 PM

7.0 is out of beta! Here is the official release of 7.0!

7.0 brings:
-Saving of preferences and mouse calibration
-Mouse control of plane (vs. keyboard in previous releases)
-Calibration of screen size for mouse control on first run (calibration is saved, so it only needs to be done once)
-Fixed shooting bug where game would freeze up temporarily
-New Menu UI
-Tutorial goes at a slower pace
-Your best time is saved, so you can try to beat your record each time.
-Foundation of game has been recoded to allow for better game performance
-Calibration and save files can be deleted within the world by pressing 7 for calibration and 8 for all save files
-New maps! (go to settings window to change map)
-When HUD is hidden (pressing 4 toggles HUD), the assists stop processing to improve game performance.

Download 7.0 for Windows:

Download 7.0 for Mac:

Flight Simulator with Dogfight Modes:
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