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Yea I already knew this before I tried to make my own. I really like Ch0pStickS solution (MCD.a2w) it's smooth and almost reminds me of Call of Duty for the wii. The problem is they all use the same technique where the screen moves based on how far away the mouse is from the top and left edge. After checking I realized that allowing the mouse to orient the camera does the same thing. Basically I want the mouse to remain center and when you move it the camera moves to. I really like how in GTA it was point and click shooting. Actually, I might have a solution, if it works I'll edit this post and up load it.

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Okay what I want to happen is while the mouse moves the camera turns in that direction, but when the mouse stops moving I want it to recalibrate. This way the screen will only move when the mouse is moving. Basically I want it to be exactly like Ch0pStickS solution, but instead of it calibrating when enter is pressed and the sphere is clicked, I want it to calibrate when the mouse stops moving. I'm having trouble with this; can someone help me figure it out?

Out of the 7 schools I applied for, Carnegie Mellon is the only one that didn't accept me. They wait listed me, but I hold no grudges. Alice is awesome and Claytronics , om*g. Some one should figure out how to put these two projects together. It would revolutionize not only the gaming industry, but the world... scratch that, the Universe... scratch that, the Multiverse!

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