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Default Game Show - 06-12-2016, 08:20 PM

This is a game I made in Alice 2.4. You and up to three friends/siblings/roommates/enemies/lovers/random strangers compete in minigames to get points, sabotage each other, and win faaabulous prizes!

Controls: Whoever is currently taking their turn uses the mouse to click things, then gives the mouse to the next player at the end of their turn. Also, everyone can select and use items at any time using keyboard controls which are explained in comments in first method.

Please note that this game requires a working mouse and keyboard to play; I highly recommend using a mouse as opposed to a trackpad or trackball, and you'll need to have a numpad if you want a fourth player. Also, at least two players are required, as there's no AI, sorry.

I wanted to write more stuff here, but I don't know if anyone will ever actually care to read this, let alone download...

Download from Google Drive (9.5 MB)
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