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Default 06-17-2015, 08:12 AM

Pent's a magic-man. Throws fireballs and lightning bolts stuff. Can't take a hit, though, if I recall correctly. But it's been years.

Actually, that'd be fun to have. A powerful projectile main with low weight. I guess he'd be closer to Lucas, actually.

I beat the first FE for the GBA. Tried the one for DS and hated it. The game forces you to kill off one of your characters right at the beginning. Kind of a dealbreaker for me, since one of my goals was keeping everyone alive in the GBA game.

Also, Bolting was a magic attack that had a criminally long range. There's this boss that used it and he sucked and I hated him, but you could glitch him into dropping it and keep it for yourself. Mwahahaha.

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