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Helping hand needed...
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Default Helping hand needed... - 02-26-2016, 04:18 PM

Hey guys, I'm pretty new to Alice, but I managed to figure a couple things out pretty quickly.

Unfortunately, this game I've been working on is just not going my way today.

The game is pretty simple in logic, where you are in a complex with multiple rooms, and you try to move to the red box on the minimap in order to win without getting caught by the bogeyman.

However, I just can't seem to work out a portion of the game where after you click a door, it moves the minimap ENDLESSLY.

It keeps looping on and on... and even if it doesn't loop, I've also seen another problem where the variables for your location in the game will reset every time you go back to that method.

The program is still majorly unfinished, and I haven't added any code for the controls of the bogeyman as well... as this problem drained all my motivation.

I'm sorry if my description is a little vague, but I would loveeeeee to get some feedback on this.

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