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Default 06-01-2015, 12:34 PM

He's only OP if you don't know how to use his weaknesses against him.

He's not like Brawl's Meta Knight where you CAN'T escape his combos, air, ground, or edge. Even his neutral-A combo only does about 10-20 damage before the opponent escapes automatically.

If I'm fighting Little Mac myself, I camp on the edge, guard until I can grab, then back-throw and edgeguard. His mid-air jump is awful and his recovery moves are garbage. If you're a flying character, or if you can get a spike, he's done for after the throw. He can try countering a mid-air move, but he can't attack back.

He also has no good guards against projectiles. No reflect, no absorb, no return fire, no crawl evade, no jump evade. Soften him with some zappy things then chuck him.

If you're losing against him, it means the person is either good enough that they've earned the victory, or you're not playing it right.

Originally Posted by RavenOfCode View Post
Use both dash moves, and some A combos to finish the person off... then if they try to jump away/jump attack you use your jump up and grab move.

I like Dark Pit too... hes cool...
His neutral A combo is too slow to be useful.

And his Up-B attack is cool but every time I've used it I've been underwhelmed. It's not as powerful as it looks like it should be.

I like Dark Pit's forward-B, that's fun to spam. I'm surprised they didn't call him PitToo like they did in Uprising though

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