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Default code for walking - 10-21-2011, 11:16 PM

Originally Posted by todd0312 View Post
Hello there:

Yes, the actual assignment was easy. I made mine really, really elaborate, though. My methods of what would take place in the three possible scenarios... were very long. I tried to create my own walk method, but I ended up having to start over from scratch using the pre-set walk for my avatar. I used about 10 different dummy cameras to handle my camera angles. I had 3 characters with... I don't remember, about 20 different poses combined. I think using that many poses created some glitches with the program. When I had music playing, it caused the program to crash full on.

I had really complex movement sequences... like the bouncer pushing my poor avatar up in the air and to the ground... because he was too young. That took forever.

I copied and pasted my code into a Word document, and it ended up being 14 pages long. It had been longer, but I had to take a bunch of stuff out because of program crashes. If I had included the methods I had to "nix", it would have been at least 20 pages.

So... it was an experience. I should have kept it simple. Then I could write posts about how easy the assignment was. My bad.

I only needed 2 variables and the nested "if-else" statements were straight-forward, so the "basic" programming was "easy". I just got carried away.

Take care guys,

Will you post a copy of the programming code for walking forward
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