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Default I'm with Don - 05-14-2014, 10:43 PM

I agree that it may be an unnecessary level of detail for an entry level course that would be a student's first exposure to the kind of logical thinking that is required to succeed in System Design.

I also agree that it would be difficult to implement in a Drag-n-Drop environment. I suppose that you could drag one in that had a "Default" built-in. And I suppose that it would be possible to add "Cases" that had a default "Break" with a "more.." dropdown where you could select "yes" or "no", but the student would have to remember to set it, and it might be confusing to troubleshoot.

Nested "Ifs" are sometimes required, but can be a crutch for the novice. For example, my version of the "Memory Game" that I posted in a video in another thread handled from 1 to 10 different buttons based on user input, and only used a single nested "If" that determined whether to restart or quit the game.

Save it for Java.
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