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Default 12-05-2008, 02:14 AM

Yeah I actually just finished a very large movie (31+MB i think, not sure as i am half asleep) and exported it into Microsoft moviemaker so I could add voiceovers to the characters. That was fun and easy, I recommend it to anyone having any problems with Alice 2.2.

Also, has anyone came up with the solution to the "Unable to load world" bug yet? I had it happen to my movie and checked the forums for help and got nothing but a bunch of people who had the same thing happen to them. Fortunately, I got some help fixing it (from Dennis Cosgrove himself!), but I also came up with a way to fix the glitch later.

Unzip the .a2w file with the error (I used 7-zip) and save the contents to a folder. Check inside the folder to see all of the objects and methods used by your world, and simply analyze the error message Alice gives you to find the offending method or object and delete the folder with that method/object in it. Finally, zip-up the folder and run it using Alice, the world should now load, but with the components in the folders you deleted gone. (A small sacrifice compared to the loss of the entire program).
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