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What I found helpful was that I had competitions with my friends. I was a self taught in Comp Sci, being the best in my class. I kept challenging my friends to make better animations (I usually won) and we would get better like that.

Make the students actually wat to do the work. Give them a kind of reward for a very good job. Offer extra credit, priveledges, prizes even.

Just make it fun. I am a B average student, having A's in the math and science classes, and C's in the language and social studies classes. The only reason is that I have a 100 average in Comp Sci is because it is fun. The first few days I was on Alice, I felt as though I was playing a game.

Also, make sure that the students have flashdrives. If they save it to a network drive, the programs will crash faster. My school has 2.0, on my flash I have 2.2. A lot better, a lot faster, and the computer works better that way.
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