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Default Welcome to the Alice and CS Principles Forum - 08-26-2016, 02:34 PM

I look forward to hearing what everyone is doing and what we at The Alice Project can do to help facilitate more usage of Alice in AP CS principles as we see it as great fit for us. Our goal is to with the communities help craft some great resources to help integration of Alice in the course. There is already some great work available online and I am sure there is far more that we are unaware. We are anxious to have your expertise shared with us and the community so please don't be shy. To get us started I am aware of the following:

Beth Simon's great work Expeditions Through Alice at UC San Diego on Alice and CS Principles:

From that work CS Principles with Alice Created by Art Lopez, CS-CaVE Master Teacher from Sweetwater Union High School District and AP CSP Pilot Teacher

Again we know this but a small subset of the content available so please share with us and the community so we can find out about all of the great work and resources out there.
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