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Remember that Everything has a Vehicle
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Default Remember that Everything has a Vehicle - 01-07-2014, 10:54 AM

Each character contains many subparts, and there is a hierarchy to the vehicles on which they ride.
A foot rides on the lower leg, which then rides on the upper leg, which rides on the lower body, which rides on the main character.

when you move the entire model forward, backward, up or down, all of the subparts move with it.

Try making a doTogether in which the whole character moves forward a little(0.5m), the left upper leg turns backward a little, the left lower leg turns forward a little. Don't forget to use the abrupt option for all commands.
If that works, then expand the doTogether to add the turns to make the right leg turn naturally in the opposite direction.

Make two copies of the doTogether.

In the first copy move the character twice as far ahead while reversing the position of the legs.

In the third copy, just move the legs back to original standing position, while moving forward the original amount.

Put all three pieces into a loop and adjust to make it look like you want.
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