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Originally Posted by jediaction View Post
This is amazing. I wonder what kind of games this could be used for. Key combinations is an amazing achievement. Doing this with only Alice Code is amazing to. I still have yet to master a few things in Alice.
Think Minecraft or FPSs where the mouse aims and shoots.

Originally Posted by GameKid View Post
How is that even possible? If it was done in pure alice code, there was no hacks... And what you wrote in alice code would just be any mouse clicks! How did you do it?!
I didn't say no hacks, this very much utilises hacks, but these are just hacks that unlock this hidden feature, so the mouse events are pure Alice code. After applying the mod, anybody could program individual buttons.

This is what it looks like at my end:You can set what button has to be pressed and/or what button should not be pressed for the event to trigger.


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