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Alice Style Mods (Hacks)
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Lightbulb Alice Style Mods (Hacks) - 04-22-2012, 06:06 PM

My Alice Has been modded for ages.
I have extra functions, such as "turn away from" and "fade to black" that were never added to Alice for whatever reason or are only there because of Storytelling Alice.

I want to share these mods with you, so I have built a simple world that will install them. It is really easy to use and only adds a couple of extra files. You can uninstall the mods with this world again at any time.

This changes your Alice style, so if you are using a custom one, it will not be overwritten, but a new one will be installed and switched to. You can can temporarily disable all of these mods by changing to a different style at any time.

Warning, this is experimental, I have tried to make it as bug free as possible, but there is still a chance that there could be a few bugs. If you don't like this then you can uninstall it, so why not give it a go?

Minimum compatible Alice version: 2.2 08/05/2011

Update 1.1
- Added modded colours as an option in custom install. Colours are standard by default.
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I have mostly moved on from Alice, but may still respond to messages if important [¬º-°]¬

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