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Default 12-01-2009, 08:23 AM

Based on much earlier postings, I believe the issue is not the distribution of the modified code but simply using the name "Alice." This is apparently trademarked/copyrighted/service mark registered/etc. by several groups.

No matter how much the OSI "cultural norm" may wish - people are simply not going to give up their hard earned legal rights. There are no free lunches.

And frankly, I personnally think that modifying code and reissuing it under the original name is potentially an insult to the original creator. If you can come up with good new code, surely it isn't that hard to come up with a new name.
DrJim, I didn't plan to call it "Alice" as that would certainly confuse users, but on the other hand I thought giving it a name not mentioning "Alice" would be an insult of another kind to the Alice dev team, that's why I wanted to include the name "Alice" within it. Why does Alice's license forbid that? no other open source project I know has this limitation, and many open source projects modified versions include the original project name.

Meir (formerly greenFox)
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