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Originally Posted by beachbum111111 View Post
Ok. I meant was how does the other player spawn? What if the player is made up of multiple objects? Or if the game is third person? Does the multiplayer just duplicate the variebles and methods of anything related to the camera or is there a special "player" option?
What, I don't know, that's up to you. I provide a tool that connects with the server. You create a server script that goes with your world for the server to run. The tool communicates with the server script (client > server and vice-versa). All it basically does is send variables back and forth, then the server or world handles it.

The tool will inform your world when a player joins, depending on what your game is, you then decide how to handle it. If you want to assign an object to a player, then you can, if you want to just have a chatroom, then you can. There is obviously a not very high upper limit on the amount of people who are going to join, depending on forum activity, so you don't really need to deal with too many objects or too much code.


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