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Originally Posted by RavenOfCode View Post
What your guys favorite band/song?

My personal favorite genre of music is instrumental

I love Two Steps from Hell... there AMAZING!

And my favorite song would be either Magika or
Strength of a Thousand Men
That's some EPIC (CAPS necessary) music right there . You've got good tastes.

As for me, I like a ton of different genres. I'll include a sample for each:

Kpop: This is 6 hours of it, different styles included.

Blues: RIP BB King.

Post Rock: I love the lack of lyrics

Third Day: Good Christian rock band

Le Orme: Don't understand what they're saying, don't care

Camel: My first "favorite" band. Skip to 2:00 for the good part to start

Jazz: Who doesn't like Jazz?

Jpop: Not as much as Kpop, but I still like it

Classical: Because I have refined tastes. This sample happens to be my favorite classical song

Pokemon Music: The full soundtracks are nice to listen too when you read

This "song" that one of the Alice members (Jediaction?) showed us back in the day

Is that enough music for you ? I could probably list some more.

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