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Yeah, so basically "Set pose" is used to make different animations. So if you want someone to crouch, just have them stand up and capture that pose (Go to the properties tab after clicking on the object), then use the rotate buttons to put them into a crouched position and capture that pose. Now in the coding, drag:

Person "Set pose to" Pose 1 (0 sec.)

Do together
Person "set pose to" Pose 2
Person Move "down" (X meters)
Do together

By doing this, the person will immediately go into the first pose and then crouch into the second pose. To move the camera to a specific spot, go to "add objects, and then at the top right, there is a button that says "More options". When you click on that, a few options drop down. One says "Drop dummy at selected object" and the other one says "Drop dummy at camera". Put the camera where you want it to be and click the "Drop dummy at camera" button. It will place an X,Y,Z coordinate marker where your camera is. Now just tell the camera to:

Do together
Camera Move to "Dummy 1" (0 sec.)
Camera orient to "Dummy 1" (0 sec.)
Do together

By doing this, the camera will instantly move to where you want when you want. You can also do this for any object. Just click on the object and then click "Drop dummy at selected object" and then move the object to where you want it to move to and drop another one. After that, just tell it to move to and orient to dummy 2. Hope this helps.
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