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Originally Posted by Niteshifter View Post
Right now, I don't think you can stop people from accessing the code to cheat in games, but what you can do in Jython is obfuscate* the code so that it's not worth it to the people who just go in to cheat the game.

*The main problem with this though is the person doing the code has to have a lot of experience in the string manipulation side of the language as well as Alice also has it's limitations with Jython as well, although it isn't all that much.

You could also use this obfuscated code to send in a useless method to check if the game had been modified or not (if the method was sent, then do nothing, else, the game was modified), but once again, it uses a lot of experience with string manipulation.
The whole game would have to be in jython code. King Gamer, did you make that sample 2 player game yet that can run on two different alices with moving objects? Oh yah, where is the post that has the type in a text and it pops up on the other alice, i want that again

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