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Originally Posted by x2495iiii View Post
Some variety in the store menu would have been nice.
I was going to add more things, but just ran out of ideas, I wanted to incorporate all the number keys to help better typing skills but just had a creative block.

The transparency option for the pause menu was nice.
Glad you liked that. The only reason "I even thought to do that was when I was doing a test run, I went to the store when all the zambies were close and couldn't see a garsh darn one of them

I personally am a terrible typist, so I wasn't very good at it.
Same here

I did get enough to buy the juke box and a few nukes. I didn't notice a change for the jukebox,
I wasn't really asserting to much effort when it came to the jukebox since normally when I add sound/music to games, it tends not to work for users. But if the method worked for you, I'll add some more detail to make sure the player knows they have it unlocked and if it is on or off.

and the nukes really should act instantly rather than after a slight delay.
I didn't realize I left it like that, I had the zombie position reset further into the method then I should have, so it's a pretty easy fix. Thanks for all the feedback.
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