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Originally Posted by reuben2011 View Post
Just want to know: do you know how recursion works? If you want, I can make an example world showing a good example of recursion. Recursion can get kinda messy though and the results can be unpredictable at times. The HATE making recursive methods (the concept itself is thought-provoking) but sometimes they just get the job done a lot better
You hate recursion? 0.o

I got the recursion to work (kinda) in terms of stopping the method. However, it soon causes a stack overflow error because there's no stopping the recursion.

Another problem with the recursion in this situation is that the first method will still run, and the recursion just makes the method overlap with itself, so you can't really stop the action.

I thought I almost had it, but recursion seems to not work either.

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