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Individual Mouse Button Detecton
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Lightbulb Individual Mouse Button Detecton - 05-15-2012, 07:35 PM

Currently mouse click events in Alice are triggered no matter what mouse button is pressed. I have discovered how to detect which mouse button was pressed and whether a modifier key (like CTRL or ALT) was held down at the time.

This is all done in pure Alice code, no Jython.

Play the attached world. Try clicking with each mouse button, it will print which one was used. There is also an event for clicking with CTRL, so try doing so and it will print "CTRL click" and whichever button was used.

None of you will have the latest style mod that enables use of this in the editor, so as far as you will be able to see, the events will look normal at your end, as if they should all trigger when any mouse button is clicked.
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