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Default 07-11-2007, 12:12 PM

Courtesy of Randy and Dennis:

Alice v3.0 is still under development, but here is what we can tell you now:

The "programming language" of Alice v3.0 will be Java. Said another way,
Alice v3.0 is an IDE for Java that has been optimized for learning to
program. If teachers want to use Alice v3.0 with a "totally keyboard based
experience," they can do that. We will provide a drag-and-drop interface, similar to Alice v2.0, which will be able to display the code either as Java, or in a more simplified form, like the current Alice v2.0 default presentation.

Therefore, the "Alice v3.0 experience" can feel very much like the Alice v2.0 experience. Whether one is typing or drag-and-dropping, Alice v3.0 will read, write, and execute real Java programs, so one can mix & match a typing or drag-and-drop experience.

Currently, Alice v2.0 worlds are rather large, as each world contains the 3D geometry and texture maps for all its objects. Since the typical Alice v3.0 world/program will reference the grand majority of its 3d content from the gallery, most Alice v3.0 worlds/programs will be tiny; just the Java source code and any external media (e.g. custom sound files).

Alice v3.0 will provide mechanisms to control the 3D characters from the Sims, which EA has graciously provided. Students will be able to control Sims characters whether they use drag-and-drop or type to create their worlds/programs.

Regarding any language questions such as "can you write your own classes?"
and "will polymorphism and inheritance be a part of v3.0?"
the answer is "Alice v3.0 is a Java IDE which creates Java programs, so you can do anything Java can do." Some of those things may require typing as opposed to drag-and-drop; that will depend on design decisions that are currently in process.
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