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What the Alice Team Found
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Default What the Alice Team Found - 03-23-2021, 03:07 PM

From our lead developer:

I suspected the JOGL code which lead me to find this:

If it is the same problem, then you are running in to an issue in the interaction between Nvidia, Windows, and JOGL.

The last two comments suggest a fix by prioritizing the dedicated card over the integrated.

[SOLVED] Purple and Green Lines/Stripes on All JOGL Windows
[SOLVED] Purple and Green Lines/Stripes on All JOGL Windows. I have a JOGL project that used to work perfectly. I moved to a new PC and now it doesn't. Not even the old builds that were packaged...

We hope this helps and are working to further improve Alice all the time so hope that other upgrades and updates may alleviate this issue. We know changing settings on the computer are not ideal.
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