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Problem with uploading image into billboard
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Exclamation Problem with uploading image into billboard - 12-13-2018, 09:55 AM


So i'm recently teaching the platform to young kids and im running trough a little problem.
The game we are creating consists in a rather simple race game where students choose a race car from the transport classes and they program it to start racing.

The problem is the computers in wich im running Alice3 atm is showing an all blank image when i try to import the race track image.png to the billboard. The computer has no hardware problems so the software runs smoothly and i've tried to import the image on home computer and the image shows normally, so im thinking the problem is from graphics driver wich are intel hd drivers (the pcs are running windows 10).
I've also tried to install and run alice on compatible mode (win 7) and same issue happens.
I've even tried to save the project on the computer where the image shows normally and then open it on the other problematic computers but ran into the same problem.

In the attached file i send a screenshot where it shows the image when it works on the problematic computers it just shows white where the race track is.

Hope to hear from you guys soon and sorry for my rather bad english.
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