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Originally Posted by zero00 View Post
The game looks great
-Where did the brushed metal backgrounds for the difficulty buttons come from?
I wanted to make the text into buttons so it wouldn't be so awkward to click on the difficulties. I can change the background if the brushed metal doesn't look right.

Originally Posted by zero00 View Post
-Can you add a screen that lists all of the buttons and controls?
That's a really good idea. I will do that.

Originally Posted by zero00 View Post
The game looks great
-When the game switches to another map, can you make the transition a little smoother, or hide it behind a brief "fade to black"
-Can you disable the plane's controls during the title screen? If I keep increasing throttle during the title screen, I can start the game with full throttle.
I might disable the controls on the title screen, but I'm just worried it will slow down gameplay if I have a bunch of if statements on all the events.
When the map changes, it does fade but really fast. I was afraid people would think that the game was loading too slowly if I made the fade too long. I will extend the fade a little bit, but not too much.

Thanks for your interest in my game. You have a lot of really good ideas and it really improves my game. Thanks!

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