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Just making sure, when you say 'share objects' do you mean in Alice where you go to the 'Web Gallery'?
No, I mean the forum section at .

If your object's mesh is broken up into parts, you can move them separately, just as for regular Alice objects. For a hierarchial arrangement, you can import the parts individually as textures (there is a discussion in the forum). If you import all the parts together, you have to set up your own parent-child relationships - but you can still move individual parts.

You should have no problems with this for your own models - except making the movement look realistic. That means taking considerable care as to where you place the local origin for each part. For models from the web, the mesh is often just one piece and the animation is done with a sub-structure skeleton. In theory, you can cut up the mesh - in paractice it rarely if ever looks good afterward.
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