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Collision Detection while walking
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Question Collision Detection while walking - 12-03-2009, 03:09 PM

I am making an adventure-type game and have created a world. The game was working fine, except collision detection. He would simply walk through other objects. There are a few workarounds to this. The simplest one is the built in arrow-key control hit detection. If the camera is set to be controlled by arrow keys in the Events panel, the camera somehow automatically knows to not go through objects.

This would be perfect except by setting the person's vehicle to the camera, instead of moving forward from the person's perspective, it will move the person forward from the camera's perspective. The actual collision detection works great, except my character can no longer walk straight or even on a level angle (depending on camera angle).

Is there a way to use this built-in hit detection on other objects other than the camera? or, What is the best workaround for this situation?
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