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Originally Posted by beachbum111111 View Post
I was thinking we should all come together and make one big game. I was thinking a medieval RPG (We can possibly use ARTY's aliceonline). I think it would be good and it would be a good example world for newcomers. If this does happen I don't think we should use that many community objects because they are all mostly high poly with big textures and would lag the game.
I tried this twice before. Alice isn't able to handle it though. It always crashed after a few hours of development. If you keep it very simple, it could work. Kinda what madden did with his CSS series a while back and the cell shaded look. We tried doing big projects like this before. Zonedabone, Arty, and I tried making an FPS a while back called STORM. Alice ended up not being able to handle it and we had to cancel the project. With complex coding, it won't work, but with complex and simplified, and efficient coding we might have a chance.

Also, Sprites? Are we making Cave Story style game or something? They do take a lot of work and the art work would take hours to make.

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