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Second assignment, the penguin and the ice.
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Default Second assignment, the penguin and the ice. - 06-11-2015, 09:50 PM

I started out wanting to do the chicken assignment, but getting the legs to move in a walking motion was too complicated to start out with. Luckily the penguin already has a "waddle" type animation to use, so I did the assignment with the penguin falling in the ice.

My first problem was getting the circle shape to show up, I think it kept dropping it under the frozen lake. I couldn't see it until I started over and put the shape down first, then adjusted the rest of my objects.

I finally got the penguin to move towards the shape and stop on the egde-ish. I figured out how to use the "Do together" statement to make the penguin move, waddle, and flap his wings. Then I used the move rotate in order to get the penguin to "fall" into the circle. I added a splash sound at the same time for comedic effect.

I was often frustrated by trying to get what was in my head into the Alice "language". I think I need a little more practice and follow some tutorials in order to work better.
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